We are ELP BRANDS, a collective of modern thinkers, creatives and business development experts that are not afraid to explore non-traditional ways to engage with the next generation of consumers.

As a holding company we own and develop both early stage and well-established brands which sit at the intersection of Fashion, Sports and Entertainment. This is done through licensed products, endorsement deals, content development, marketing programs and strategic partnerships.

We stay true to the ethos of each brand in our portfolio. Understanding its core values and unique attributes is the foundation of our strategy.

People are not loyal to brands.
They are loyal to what a brand stands for.

Ethos, Logos, Pathos is a phrase coined by Aristotle which refers to the three modes of persuasion. Ethos (ethical) Logos (logic) Pathos (emotional).

While creating high-quality products and best-in-class partnerships matter, it is equally important to create authentic stories. This is where “Ethos, Logos and Pathos” comes to life. This philosophy challenges us to understand the psychology of our consumers so we can best deliver our products, services and experiences.

Our Approach

In today’s ever-changing digital and retail landscape, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to remain anchored with their consumers. How should brands deal with the constant clutter and noise? The key to our strategy is the development of meaningful connections with our consumers. These connections serve a pivotal role in fostering trust and allowing us to deliver our products and services in a truly unique and personal way.

Our team of creatives focus their tactical expertise in four key areas to develop a holistic strategy:

Brand Development
Social Media
Influencer Marketing
Consumer Engagement

Our Portfolio

BlacktipH Fishing

BlacktipH® is the first fishing show on YouTube to reach 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers. We continue to evolve and set the standard for online video production through the creation of the highest quality and most entertaining fishing videos on the web.

Israel Start-up Nation

Founded to elevate and popularize the sport of cycling in Israel and other emerging countries, the team has grown in short time from a small Continental-Level Team to one of the top WorldTour teams in the peloton.

JT Racing USA

Started in 1969, by John and Rita Gregory, JT Racing is one of the original and most revered action-sports brands. JT Racing has cemented its place in Motocross and BMX History by being at the forefront of many of the sports most memorable moments. Today, the brand continues to be beloved worldwide by bike enthusiasts of all ages.

United Premier Soccer League

With over 300 teams, the UPSL has grown to become the largest Pro Development Soccer League in North America. The UPSL is proud to be the soccer home for athletes from almost 50 countries worldwide. Among those athletes, we have former professional players that are looking to play in highly competitive games as well athletes working to get better as they pursue their dream of playing professionally.

Who We Are


Founder & CEO

A 33-year veteran of the financial industry with a strong track record of success. Graham served as a CIO and CEO for a high-performing, global macro hedge fund. As CEO of ELP BRANDS, Graham oversees all aspects of the ELP business with a particular focus on financial and accounting oversight, legal, long-term growth initiatives, as well as mergers and acquisitions.


Founder & COO

A 20-year licensing and business development professional, Luin has held leadership roles for some of the biggest names in the world of Fashion, Sports, and Entertainment. As COO for ELP BRANDS, Luin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business including strategy, staff management, licensing, business development, and marketing.

Our Vision

To curate and develop brands which have a deep and personal connection with people worldwide.

Our Mission

With a keen eye on the future we identify brands which are poised to evolve into the next generation of super brands. We harness the raw energy that lies at the ethos of each brand to fuel their evolution and growth. In order to do so, we work relentlessly to elevate.

Our Values

We are grounded by the foundational principle that all men are created equal. A proactive approach to diversity, inclusion and kindness is the driving force for all we do. ELP Brands is a place where opportunity is given regardless of race, gender or cultural background. A safe space for thought, discussion and creativity. It is in this type of environment that innovation and growth come to life.